Indirect Taxation

With VAT becoming more complex and dynamic, businesses must ensure that their transactions are in line with both local and EU legislations. At Zampa Debattista we keep ourselves updated with developments on a daily basis, and communicate any relevant changes to our clients in a timely manner.

Zampa Debattista offers an extensive array of specialised services, aimed at providing both local and international clients with tailor-made solutions, in order to meet the best interests of their business. Our team of VAT specialists aims to be proactive, and assisst clients by ensuring compliance with VAT rules and regulations.

ZD offers the following VAT services:

  • Tailor-made VAT advisory services
  • VAT scans, with a view to highlighting certain VAT exposures, applicable to all sorts of businesses
  • Efficient VAT structures, particularly applicable to exempt businesses
  • VAT Accounting services
  • Yacht Leasing Structures
  • Aviation Leasing Structures
  • VAT training for clients
  • Electronic submission of VAT returns, Recapitulative Declarations and EU VAT refund claims on behalf of clients
  • Assistance when appearing before the Administrative Review Tribunal
  • Acting as a communication channel with the VAT Department
  • Obtaining written guidance on complex VAT issues from the VAT Department
  • Preparation of a VAT newsletter on a quarterly basis
  • VAT court representation
  • Conducting VAT reliability assessments
  • Certifying computerised systems used to generate fiscal receipts
  • Obtaining EXO number

For further information, please contact Matthew, Charlesor Brandon